Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sunny day? Time to play!

Sure it's only 37 degrees...Brrrrr. But I think I'm the only one that noticed. Look at this happy guy:
And this cheery girl who couldn't quite figure out why her hands were blue and fuzzy.
Dude just kept switching from bike to bike as if he had to make the most of his limited time outdoors.
Which meant that baby G had the chance to take a seat without her brother kicking her off!
Then they discovered they could open the mailbox package box, which apparently was crazy cool. I got distracted for a minute and when I looked up, there was no sign of dude and baby G was laughing her head off. When I came around the corner, I found out why:
What do you think the mailman would've done if I'd left him in there?

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Anna Collett said...

These pictures made my day at work! I also love how cute they look in those Peru hats. What a fun chilly day!