Monday, October 28, 2013

Cross Country Racing

(Back in September when people still wore shorts in Dickinson. And no winter coats.)
Little nervous to begin. Can you tell? At least she came dressed to run! Not sure where everybody else got all the orange shirts. Clearly we were out of the loop on something. But we were there!
 And they're off!
 And back again! Go M!
 Red-faced and proud of herself!
 Next age group up! Again with the nerves.
 And THEY'RE off! If I knew how to draw a cool little arrow to help you see J, I would. But since I don't, she's the one in purple shorts without a cool, I-belong-here orange shirt.
 Cutest thing about this picture - M running alongside her on the edge. After she'd finished her own race. And was exhausted. She was just so excited to cheer J on. 
 J confessed later that she sprinted too hard at the beginning and had to walk a little in the middle. Good lesson to learn :) But she finished nonetheless, although a little disappointed in herself sadly.
 But a ribbon helps to cheer anyone up, right?

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Anna Collett said...

Oh my gosh...these pictures might be too cute for me to even comment about. First question....what is M wearing?? hahaha She looks adorable but doesn't she own athletic shorts? Also, what is with the girl running in behind her?? Did she already tear her ACL? Holy cow... And I saw M on the edge of the picture and it was so cute!!! love this....