Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Off to school for things 1 and 2! M said the wig turned out to be a bit of a problem at recess as the wind would blow blue feathers behind her in a trail. They were pretty proud to get to wear them though!
The littles and I then headed over to Story time at the library. A can't-miss for us these days. Smile guys (why does that never work??)!
Tad windy outside. I think we'll stick to the indoor events for the rest of the day!
 The highlight of the night was to be found at DSU's "Boo"Hawks (they're the Blue Hawks) Treat Street, although this particular part was traumatizing to G. It took her at least 20 minutes to recover from being so near the giant bird who's feathers we probably stole and glued to her head. To her, he looked angry. And she was terrified. 
And this is why it was the highlight. All the candy they got from the different offices and departments was great, the game rooms were fun, but the band room? They let things 1-4 loose on their instruments in the "Instrument petting zoo." It was awesome!
The only one that got dude to break out of his serious face he'd been wearing (I think due to the over-stimulation) was the trombone. He thought that was pretty sweet. A band student blew on it and he got to move it back and forth. Everybody else really liked the drums, gong, and xylophone.
But mustn't forget the girls' karaoke at the pizzeria. Epic.
 And here we are! A rare family shot! Is it just me, or does it look like Cooper's hat was photoshopped on? It was real! And perched atop a lovely headband of cat ears :) Such a good sport.
And yes, that is an announcement posted across my growing belly. Thing 5 coming soon! Sure seems like a lot when you number them off like that :) Hilarious to watch people count them off all night long, and then read my shirt and laugh out loud. Not sure if they're laughing with us or ...

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Anna Collett said...

These are seriously the greatest costumes!! I like Baby G is the best in it.... Maybe it is her cheeks. And Coops hat does look funnily photoshopped in.