Friday, October 11, 2013

Children's Museum - DINOSAURS!

How lucky was dude that the Portland Children's Museum was featuring dinosaurs?! Man, was he in heaven. He could even climb up on them!
 And don't even let the girls try to convince you that they weren't every bit as into it!
 Especially when it came to this perfect climbing monster. There may or may not have been a few fights over who got to be higher the longest. 
 Baby G was more hesitant. She finally agreed to touch this one that was hardly bigger than her.
 Then while the littles went with Nana, the girls enjoyed making dinosaurs out of clay.
 With some pretty awesome results, I'd say!
 We finally finished and joined the littles who were trying to get as wet as possible. Dude spun this wheel for at least 30 min straight while he struggled to keep his wet pants up.
 Baby G couldn't reach everything she wanted to so eventually I took her over to the baby section where she could climb to her heart's content.
 Does dude have a future in dentistry perhaps? 
 Baby G just kept posing perfectly inside the frame, although wanted to keep her distance for some reason.
 And the girls had a blast painting their faces. Dude however, acted like the very idea of drawing on his face was akin to torture. He was not having any of it. Oh well, not a bad thing that he's learned to apply art supplies liberally all over his skin!
It was an exhausting but brilliantly fun couple of hours thanks to Nana, followed by more traffic on the way home than we've ever seen in North Dakota :)

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