Sunday, October 13, 2013

Portland Aquarium

Nana had the awesome idea that we should go check out the new Portland Aquarium in Milwaukie, Oregon. The kids had a blast! True, Baby G started out rather nervous. In fact, she never did get comfortable with the big tanks. She would back up, shaking her head at them, and squirmed whenever we carried her close. Could be that there were fish as big as her or that the water levels were way over her head...
 or that there were crazy, monster-looking fish like this peeking out of holes! This guy was nuts!
 Despite the serious face, she much preferred the little tanks around the sides. She loved pointing out all the stuff in them and climbing on the steps to see better.
M LOVED the tanks where you could touch the anemones and fish.

 J loved them also and dude was somewhere in between the older girls' enthusiasm and Baby G's fear.
 He did eventually agree to stick his hands in the water and attempt to stroke the stingrays' backs!
 Grandma Smith came with us too! Fun to have her enjoy the experience with us!
 Wish I could remember what these guys were called. Garden Eels or something. They pop straight out of the ground and sway back and forth in the "current." Very odd looking. Dude was intrigued.
 Baby G liked the parakeets ... from outside of the fence only. When I brought her inside she freaked. And every time I pointed out another bird, even the ones high above us, she'd look and shake her head vigorously while groaning. Much happier outside.
 Dude needed Nana's help but warmed up to the birds, thought it was funny on his arm for a few seconds and then announced he was done.
 J might have actually taken longer to warm up. She kept getting nervous when they tried to hand her a bird, but with determination, she overcame her anxiety and ended up loving holding them. T'was her favorite part, she says!
 M did it with a little bit of help too.
And with that, everybody was able to go home happy!

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Anna Collett said...

Well that looks super fun! And I don't blame Baby G. Fishes can be horribly frightening... especially if you are a fourth child. I love the kids faces with the birds and then you can see mom like holding their arms super tight! And mom looks super cute in these pictures!