Monday, January 11, 2016

About time!

So Dude's hair is so awesome and curly that I have a hard time cutting it. And frankly, who has the time? I kinda forget you have to actually do boy's hair too! But then before I know it, his fast-growing hair looks like this:
It does make him look so much younger. My heart sighs. Also, why can't G's hair grow like his? Can they just switch? I think I've had to cut her hair like once and that was just the mullet tickling her neck. Totally not fair.
But it really did have to be cut. He looked so crazy most the time with his half-fro, half-Wolverine, half-homeless look. I think I did pretty well, considering how many hundreds of times he asked if I was done yet. 
He's not completely sure though. Tough crowd.

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