Monday, January 04, 2016

What to do when they cancel church?

So we had a lot of freezing rain Saturday night through Sunday morning and they ended up canceling our first day of 1 PM church. What to do with all that time as we tried to still keep the Sabbath holy? J decided she wanted them to do a lesson for us, which turned into a top-notch theater production. The story of Nephi getting the brass plates people, as played by the Whitman kids (Dude=Nephi, J=Laman/Laban, Meri=Lemuel/Zoram, G=Sam/Santa)!
Scene 1: Brothers discussing how they can get the plates - 
Scene 2: Petitioning Laban for the plates:
Scene 3: An angel (baby doll) appearing
Scene 4: Drunk Laban gets decapitated
Scene 5: Nephi convinces Zoram to run away with them
And of course, the bows. 
Although J was hoping to act out the entire Book of Mormon, the rest of the cast lost interest after this. In fact, Sam only lasted for the first few minutes, about through the point where they offered their riches to Laban. When Laban wasn't looking, she then stole them, ran off and enjoyed her spoils by herself. Little plot twist. Never saw it coming.

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