Sunday, January 17, 2016

Little Miss Tiny-Hiney

"I su beebee" = "I'm super baby!"
Points to self and says, "ooh ah" = "I'm a monkey!"
Tiny is saying tons of words and sentences these days. The problem is ... what are they? 
Baow = bum, ball, bath, or bar (as in granola bar)
Nana = banana or Nana (grandma) or possibly Ninnie (my sister)
Su-see = herself
Uh fauw = I fall
caow = car
teet teet = bird
Ceauw = cereal, Wa-wa = water
soo-AH = shoe (she puts AH on the end of lots of things these days)
bu-AH = book, Foo-AH = food, Scoo-AH = scooter, Moh-AH = more
binty a binty = binky and blankie
Bobo = teddy bear
A doe? = Where'd it go?
HI-EE! = Hide!
What's your favorite animal L? Neigh!

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