Sunday, January 24, 2016


I was just having a coughing attack. G ran and got me a drink of water and announced, "I'm a hero! I'm a drink hero! (I thought she said Greek hero which would've been hilarious but drink hero is pretty good too!)"

I just caught Baby L and G playing in the laundry room and said, "no guys." L wagged her finger at me and said very seriously, "no! Bad, bad, bad."

Just told G no more bugging Dude. She smirked at me and asked, "how about bugging myself?"

And Dude has learned to read, which opens up a whole new world of funnies. For example, Bopa was drinking Naked Juice. Upon reading it, Dude walked around sniggering and repeating the word, "naked."

G runs on ice skates. Would you expect any less from her?

Nana was at home with the littles while we skied. They were getting ready to go when she ran back to change socks. G decided not to wait and let L out and they walked down the street. A neighbor stopped them and was hanging out with them, not knowing who they belonged to. Poor Nana. Even worse when she finally found them and called for them to come back, G did but L turned and ran the other direction. How I wish that wasn't such a common occurrence.

Oh and we had a pretty fun time in Bend before everyone got sick! I love skiing. The girls do now too!
Love it when the clouds make it look like the mountains are floating!
A perfectly clear view is pretty awesome too.
Second day of skiing for Dude who is so close to ready to ditch the harness (just has to learn to stop without face planting), and the girls have mastered the bunny hill (M no longer yells the whole way down) and are ready to move on since we have achieved our immensely important goal of riding chair lift #1 (Silly me, I thought we were there to ski. You don't want to know how many times they raced the chairlift back down, got in line, tried to wait until #1, but had to go on #38 or even the last one - #40 - because people were waiting behind us. The lift operators caught on and commented on our lack of success every time but I just wouldn't let the girls hold up the line so we could wait for three more lifts to go slowly around. One tragic time, we let the people behind us go and they took too long and ended up on the coveted #1 and we had to settle for #2. Oh the drama.). Oh and Bopa did manage to lose J on the last run of the day. Their definitions of "go to the bottom and wait" are ... different. But Bopa's goal was everyone surviving the day, so success!

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