Sunday, January 03, 2016

Vacation is the best

And now for all the random pictures that didn't make it into the real vacation posts. Because they're just too cute to forget. Here's L letting down her hair. Hilarious. If only. If only.
Can you see the face she's making at her cousin as G pulls them up the hill at great peril to life and limb?
M has decided to be a scientist when she grows up. A chemist to be exact (because they get to mix potions to blow things up - she might be combining chemistry with Harry Potter a little there). She wanted nothing more than a microscope for Christmas. How cool is that?
Dude enjoyed making TMNT with grandma out of play-dough. 
Who wouldn't want to wake up to these faces in a closet? 
Zoo lights again! But this time, we took the train. And froze just a little.
Then Ninnie and Mommy ran off to cheer on the Blazers as the creamed the Cavaliers. Fun sister date!
Just a little morning Yoga to help the littles lose some little wiggles.
Apparently someone stole my phone and taught their younger cousin the art of "selfies."
Ah the squint smile. We have seen thee before on our older kids. This is what she does when we say "smile big!"

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