Monday, January 11, 2016

Our week

Good thing daddy has such a big lap bc these kids all want a piece.
Ever get that feeling like the couch has sucked you in and you can't get out?
Love that the big girls were including the tinies in their game during lunch at our homeschool school. The group just kept expanding as they played their quiet, structured game - as dude and a bunch of other boys ran mad playing tag.
Is this how you look after eating blueberries?
Our science experiment with walking water. We have so much fun on Fridays!
Look at how that water has "walked" down our rainbow!
And funny things that've been said:

G: Lucy, he's Rudolph and he has a red nose, soooooo he's mine!

M: Tomorrow, we're going to have a booby war! J: booby trap war. She means booby trap war. Dude: There'll be hundreds of booby traps!

We looked at a house awhile back that had the tiniest dining room ever with a tiny table that only fit two chairs. Dude stopped in his tracks when he saw it, said, "wha! We would not fit at that table. We would have to take turns eating!"

I texted Coop: "the girls are rolling with laughter, literally falling off their chairs, because there was really a guy named Sir Francis Bacon.

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