Monday, August 01, 2005

Babyless in Provo

Okay, so we understand that it's good to plan for a late arrival, but we not-so-secretly hope for an early one. As grateful as she is for being pregnant, my wife would just as soon not be pregnant anymore. Personally, I would love it if she could sleep. Plus, I get five days off from work when the baby comes, so the sooner the better. Alas, we are still a two-member family. We're just anxious for the littlun to come! Above is me, anxious (pre-haircut).

Another fun thing is that the Wifee will be here (at my workplace) momentarily to interview for a job! If she gets it, she will be able to work from home (on deadline but at her leisure), making some extra scratch for the kid! Wish her luck!

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Anonymous said...

Come baby come!!!