Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Contract Already!

Although I made it a goal to not be on campus more than once a week during my classless summer (I'm not taking classes--I still have class), I find myself here for the second time this week. The wife is walking up and down the longest staircase we can find hoping to trip whatever wire that sets the contractions off. I, however, will not join her in this back-and-forth trek. I am trying not to induce labor for myself.


Anonymous said...

Wuss. The truth is you're lazy and out of shape. . .but I love you for at least walking to the stairs with me.
~The wife

Christer said...

Ya know, one of my first memories of you Coop is running up & down the bleachers at L.O. in prep for soccer. What happened? Can't even escort your wife up and down stairs?

Cicada said...

Way to let the woman do it on her own.

No baby yet, eh?

Gertrude is also a good name, by the way.

Savvymom said...

I don't know if your wife has had the blessed event yet, but in my "prfessional" opinion nothing works to induce labor short of that handy dandy crochet hook used by nurses to break water.
So tell her to take some tylenol PM and enjoy the peace and quiet before the bundle of joy with the incredible set of pipes comes.

Not that I'm bitter about all the stairs I walked or anything.....